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Hon Dipo Ogunkoyode was born 26th day of June 1966 to Mr and Mrs Joseph Olasehinde Ogunkoyode of Obanla Ogunkoyode compound, Ikogosi Ekiti in Ekiti West Local Government. 

He had his elementary primary education at Baptist Day School Ikogosi from 1972 to 1977, Annunciation School, Ikere-Ekiti between 1977 to 1982, Federal School of Arts and Science Ondo in the year 1983 to 1985 for Higher School Certificate  (HSC) and

Eleyo High School, Ikere-Ekiti between 1985-1986 for some O/L subjects in preparation for admission into the University. He later got admission to study  Economics at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife  between 1986-1989 where he bagged a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Economics  in the year 1989.

Since then Hon Dipo Ogunkoyode  worked in so many places such UPS/IMNL, defunct North South Bank PLC, OKD Insurance Brokers, Ekiti State Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development/ DFID (British Department for International Development) sponsored Ekiti Rural Access Programme (ERAP)  as an experienced Strategy, Operation Management and Change Management Specialist, skilled in Competitive/Corporate Strategy Analysis and Planning, Government Performance Management, Process Re-engineering, Benchmarking, Project Management, Research, and Risk Management. He has a good understanding of and has worked for local and state government in the development of rural areas. He also worked with rural area leaders, non-profit groups, social service agencies, and financial institutions to ensure the growth, overall health and vitality of businesses or municipalities.  As a result of his experience he was invited by the Governor of Ekiti State Dr Kayode Fayemi to the  Office of the Ekiti State Governor as a Senior Special Assistant on Rural Development – Ado-Ekiti  between  October 2011 - October 2014 . His duties are to  assist the Bureau of Rural Development and later re-appointed to work with the Commissioner for Rural development and Community Empowerment where he  organized and coordinated all the community development associations in all the towns and villages of 177 wards in the state.

Hon Dipo Ogunkoyode supervised and coordinated the grant-in aids fund from the state government for the completion of abandoned community projects like - "Town Halls, Palaces, Health Care Centers, Students and Doctors’ Hostels. He Managed a budget of N1billion for various development programs. He provided leadership to 5 project managers that supervised a team of 200 workers, Prepared Event Management Plans that includes, risk management, a communication strategy, event checklist, roles and responsibilities. He Coordinated effectively by communicating with all stakeholders. His prayers has always be that God will bless him that he may bless others, God to give him that he may share with those who do not have; because he believes on his own, that he can do nothing but  can do all things through Him that strengthens him. In any situation regardless of how difficult it may be, he always exhibit strength and control. He has always  display the courage to stand steadfast in his principles even in the face of difficult circumstances because  he believes that the greatness of a people is not dependent on the amount of natural resources available but directly dependent on the efficient and effective harnessing/management of the available human and material resources coupled with the vision and character of the leadership. 


Hon. Dipo Ogunkoyode is married to Yetunde, a woman of virtue according to Biblical Proverbs 31 verse 10 to 16 , a woman that  has an international influence,  they are blessed with children.

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my Vision And Why I Am Campaigning For The Governorship Election Of Ekiti State

"A mind is a greater thing to waste" indeed, a child's right to educaation cannot be denied irrespective of his or her background. Education is ............


"health is wealth and a healthy person is a wealthy person." my dear ekiti people ............

We will aggressively embark on rehabilitation of existing water schemes, motorized boreholes and work on an independent water project to be solely financed by foreign water companies.
The present system of transportation in Ekiti State can only be described as chaotic. Our administration will effect improvement
Agriculture is the biggest employer of "human resources" Ekiti State which was self-sufficient in Agricultural products up to Otunba Niyi Adebayo's regime, now depends on other states for up to 65% of her food supply.
We will in collaboration with private investors (local and foreign) rebuild and resuscitate the moribund Ikun dairy farm, Ire burnt bricks. Our administration will create the enabling environment for investors within and outside to invest in Ekiti State, in order to create more job opportunities for our teeming youth population now overwhelmingly unemployed.


  • Tertiary Education:

    Our tertiary institutions will be upgraded and maintained to compete with others in line with learning and research, through collaboration and exchange programs with tertiary institutions within and outside the country. We will make our university education entrepreneurial and result oriented. Our graduates will no more end up with theory only, but in addition acquire practical education to function in the global market. Our government will review downward the present high cost of school fees paid in our State tertiary institutions. Read More
  • Secondary and Technical Education

    In recent times, our State has witnessed high dropout rate for male and female students. This is worrisome! Our government will re-organize and restructure education system to be in tune with modern trends and technology. We will rebuild our educational system to focus on the following areas: • Teach–the-Teacher Program (TTP) will be a periodical re-training Program in forms of seminars and conferences to reshape and upgrade our present falling standard of education. • Practical Education System (PES) which will address strategic areas such as creative writing, fashion designing, mechanic, carpentry/craft making. All these and more will be established within Ekiti State Technical Schools in each of the 3 senatorial zones. • Introductions of Culture-Based Education System (CBES) which will bring back cultural values. Read More

    Our administration will ensure that rural electrification is adequately provided for in the communities of the state. Accordingly, we will liaise with the federal government to ensure that the state is adequately covered in the national grid map. Read More

    "Health is wealth and a healthy person is a wealthy person." My dearEkiti People, it is indeed regrettable that less than 20% of ourpopulation has access to first intervention basic healthcare.Unfortunately, due to inadequate and often times non-availability offirst intervention medical facilities, pregnant women and their babiesdie during childbirth and infant mortality is high. Our governmentpolicy will be anchored on "Basic health at your doorstep". We willprovide functional and sustainable healthcare centers within the reachof the rural communities through a well-equipped health care centersmanned by well trained and certified medical personnel. Childrenwithin the age of 1 to 10 years and elderly people from 65 years and above will have free medical care. All emergency cases must be attended to without preconditions under our administration. We will ensure that all the general hospitals in each local government areas of Ekiti State are well equipped and functional. The government under Oladipo Ogunkoyode will reintroduce health education and sanitary inspection program.

    Read More


    The well-being of any household depends to a large extent on its ability to access social and economic services. Therefore, eliminating poverty requires the provision of access to infrastructure and services for Ekiti people to achieve a sustainable livelihood. Our administration will introduce an area based methodology called “Integrated Accessibility Planning Tools” (IAP) that can help the State and local government officials in the identification of investment priorities and ensure that the available resources are directed to the most urgent needs of the communities. IAP involves meetings of all stakeholders, community representatives, and the local government officials as to which sector priority will be given for possible investments. IAP aimed at providing suitable guidance for state and local government areas so that they can manage their resources efficiently to provide infrastructural facilities that will effectively bring about sustainable improvements in the livelihood.

    Read More

    "A mind is a greater thing to waste." Indeed, a child's right to education cannot be denied irrespective of his or her background. Education is the greatest gift any responsible government can give to the society. Looking at the streets of Ekiti State, many children who should be in school are unfortunately roaming the street hopelessly. These children, if given the right opportunity can become responsible leaders in different fields of human endeavor. Dear Ekiti Kete, it is gratifying to note that our mission in education is well known to all. No child should be left behind; hence, children of Ekiti must have free and compulsory basic/ secondary education. In addition to this, we will, as a priority, spend funds on re-training our teachers at this formative all important stage of learning

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    We will aggressively embark on rehabilitation of existing water schemes, motorized boreholes and work on an independent water project to be solely financed by foreign water companies. Read More
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